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Project Management

Energizing organizational performance through project management excellence

Program and Project Management Support

1st GOV provides program and project management services that fit your needs, from running a traditional Project Management Office (PMO); supporting program design, launch, and ongoing management for internal programs and initiatives; to supporting daily operations including project schedules, business processes, budgets, staffing, and administrative functions.  Key support areas include the following:


  •  Design and facilitate the implementation of new or revised internal programs, projects, and initiatives

  •  Provide project planning, task management, work plan development and execution

  •  Use a proven process for work scheduling, cost and quality controls and cost estimation

  •  Support project scope and risk management, surge support and resource allocation

  •  Develop and support program communications, project reporting, and program status reviews

  •  Conduct workflow process mapping and implement process efficiency improvements

  •  Conduct operational reviews and implement standard operating procedures




  • 541611: Administrative Mgmt & General Services

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